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Building lots becoming scarce

Ideas for home building

Green living - carbon sequestration

How to search for building lots

Why own a mountain home?

Starlit skies



Financing a lot and/or home

Mountain land for an estate or family compound

Lot Development Considerations

Building lots scarce in central Virginia
We are reaching the end of supply for large mountain building lots in central Virginia. While demand remains high, zoning restrictions are reducing the ability to subdivide. Environmentalists and planners want the population growth in dense city type areas where it can be controlled. For the individualist who wants the blue sky above and the forest around, the time is now to live your dream.

House Building Ideas

As you know the Stagebridge Community is a great source of home and land ideas. Interested in the concepts behind a successful home? At the suggestion of a Stagebridge homeowner, we offer the following books as reference when considering how to build on your lot at Stagebridge

Susanka, Sarah, The Not So Big House and Creating the Not So Big House.

This author also has published Not So Big Solutions for Your Home and with Julie Moir Messervy, Outside the Not So Big House.

These books may be available at your local library and address the creation of an individual home.

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Green Living - Carbon Sequestration
We recognize by now that carbon dioxide can cause global warming. The good news is that trees remove CO2 from the atmospheres, this is called sequestration. The better news is that forested mountain land is a very efficient sequestration method.
In the USA an individual’s allocation of carbon emissions is 20 carbon dioxide tons/year.
A family of 4’s allocation of the US carbon emissions is 80 tons of carbon per year. Forested mountain land removes about 5 to 15 tons of carbon dioxide per year per acre. You do the math. Owning forested mountain land is good for the environment, It’s that simple. See more information at this site:

Blue Ridge Carbon Sequestration

Check out other Green ideas in our Personal Wellness area.

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How to search the internet for building lots in Central Virginia
Don’t limit to MLS, try Craigslist, Kijiji, etc. to get sale by owners as well as listed properties.
Craigslist - - Use search terms to sort through ads, don’t look by date, lots are under “real estate for sale”, then search for “land for sale”
Kijiji – – look under housing “other” for land for sale
For the MLS – use, not local sites. Search by zip code (Lovingston is 22949), and use the advanced search tool to search for lots.
Local and regional sites with classifieds–,,
Google –– Google’s online classifieds, land is found both under Housing and under Land. In Housing use geographic search, in land use key word search or on try a variety of search terms – need exact matches as search engines aren’t that smart.
Yahoo – - same idea

Good keywords to use when searching for land – building lots in Nelson County Virginia, mountain land in Nelson county, central Virginia mountain land, Nelson County real estate, rural land for sale in Nelson County, Lovingston land for sale

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Why do you want to own mountain land in Central Virginia?

Have wonderful views?
Build a unique custom home?
Create a vineyard?
Commune with nature?
Live Green?

If you want to find out why Stagebridge is the ideal place to live, click here to learn more about this amazing mountain community.

Dark Skies
One of the many pleasures of rural mountain living is starlight at night. Away from the buildings and streetlights of the urban area, we live under a shining blanket of stars evenings at Stagebridge. Our area is blessed with no street lighting, and few homes, such that it’s a good location for the near-by Fan Mountain Observatory of the University of Virginia, just north in Albemarle County. Count your blessings and the stars too!


By the way, Stagebridge is one of the quietist places you will encounter, yet occasionally the distant mooing of a cow or the train whistle from the Norfolk Southern does remind you there are others around.

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Find out what others think, take our survey, and sign in, we will send you the results.

Stagebridge survey

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How to Finance Land Purchases and the Construction of Your Home

The finance process involves four main issues:

1. Type of loan, for land only or for construction
2. Collateral required – type and amount
3. Interest Rate charged – amount and conditions under which it can change
4. Features of lending agreement, such as right to payoff without penalty.

Click here for more information

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Looking for Mountain Land for an Estate or a Family Compound, raw mountain land, or mountain land in adjacent county?

(A single family home building lot may not meet your needs.)

If you are looking for raw land or land for a significant building complex, please contact us for help. With zoning restrictions and county rules being what they are for mountain property your search may need the assistance of a specialist in buying and developing land. Stagebridge LLC has these skills and is available to assist you.

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Lot Development Considerations

Pick land and select a home site before detailed home design. Design the property with the home in mind, but allow the exploitation of the land’s natural features. For more information on the topic, click here

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