Relocating to the Charlottesville/ Central Virginia area?

The Stagebridge Community knows how big of a hassle it is to relocate to a new place, and we want to make your transition as easy as possible. Please allow the Stagebridge Community to help you make sense of the relocation process and figure out what you need to do now to have your dream home ready when you need to move.

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Tired of the noisy city, the crowded suburbs, the polluted air? Check out Stagebridge, an amazing community where city convenience meets outdoor oasis.
Just don't know where to even begin?
Always dreamed of a home in the mountains, where the children or grandchildren can run around in their own big back yard, where you can simply step out your door and go for a hike, take a walk by the creek, ride your horse, or enjoy your hobby vineyard? If living green and healthy sounds like your dream, click here to find out more about Stagebridge's thoughts on living green. Charlottesville, which is just 30 minutes from Stagebridge, was recently voted among the top 10 Healthiest Towns by the AARP. AARP states Charlottesville "residents are not just the healthiest eaters on our list, they are also among the happiest, and most likely to say they are satisfied with their lives. To read more about Charlottesville's ranking, click here.
If you have a unique need - such as horses, a love for gardening/vineyards, or multiple families wanting to live close to eachother,Click here for more information about how Stagebridge can cater to your individual needs.
Confused? Overwhelmed?
There is no better time than now to fulfill your dreams of the perfect home and lifestyle
What can Stagebridge do for you?

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Want more information about Nelson County and the surrounding area?

We have created a custom google search of quality websites featuring information on all aspects of the area around Stagebridge, including schools, things to do, and more.


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