Assessments 2008!

Recent message a Landowner writes:

Hi Mike,
I received my reassessment for my land recently.
I was assessed xx for the land and xx for "new bldg."
My previous assessment was x for the land and 0 for a bldg.

I wanted to get your thoughts on this and see if it sounded about right to you.
Any appeals must be done in person if necessary.


Hi Landowner,
Your assessment is in line with others at Stagebridge. The county assesses at the most recent sales price or
at an estimate of the market. Land prices are holding up well in Nelson, it could have been worse. As for
the "building", I assume this accounts for the well, and driveway/entrance, others on lots w/o houses got a
similar bonus. I will add your comments to our members web site and encourage others to send their opinions.
One homeowner is going to talk to the county, and I will make sure we post his comments.
They have a process to challenge the assessment as you know, but the real issue is the rate of taxation, i.e.
will they lower it enough such that your taxes wont go up too much. I will keep looking for information and keep you posted.

Also check

Nelson County Times

for information, they haven't done a story yet.

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